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KandyPens PRISM & PRISM+

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The quick why: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user – the KandyPens PRISM will work for you. It is compatible with any type of THC wax or shutter, dab, or any type of concentrate. It has a glass mouthpiece, minimal draw resistance, and it comes with two excellent coils – Quartz and Ceramic. The Quartz produces large amounts of vapor and the Ceramic scores very high on vapor quality and flavor quality. The PRISM is the Best Vape Pen of 2018.

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KandyPens departs from their usual style on the PRISM, their latest vaporizer for THC wax, shatter, and oil. The PRISM comes with a dual quartz coil and a ceramic coil, letting users customize based on preference. The glass mouthpiece on the Prism is a win, it helps preserve the flavor of the vapor and cool down the vapor temp too. The KandyPens Prism delivers flavorful vapor in a portable device that costs about $100–a great value for the price.

The KandyPens PRISM ($97.99directly from KandyPens) and PRISM+ are brand new vape pens that support wax, oil, and shatter. The PRISM+ is the larger of the two with a 900 mAh sub-ohm battery and features LED lights on the side that illuminate while you vape.

The KandyPens PRISM is the same height as the PRISM+ but has a slimmer profile. The PRISM has a 320 mAh battery and lacks the LED lights of its larger, more powerful sibling. The details of this review will focus more on the PRISM, but if you want to know more about the PRISM+ version, check out my video review.

KandyPens’ makes good-lookingpremium wax vaporizers, like the Galaxy, that regularly make our Best Vape Pen list. It seems that the PRISM will be joining the ranks of the best wax pens as well–read on to find out why.

Best Deal: $97.99 straight from KandyPens

The KandyPens PRISM kit provides the dab pen essentials:

  • The KandyPens PRISM vaporizer unit
  • Quartz-titanium heating coil + Ceramic atomizer (differences discussed later)
  • Glass mouthpiece (and replacement!) and handy dab tool keychain
  • Lightning cable port, which iPhone users will appreciate.

Even though the package includes a dab tool, you might consider checking out some of the dab tools on Amazon. They’re more precise than the included tool and streamline the loading process.

The standout feature of the KandyPens PRISM is the fact that it’s just an overall efficient, and high functioning vaporizer pen and that it comes with two different coils — letting you choose what you prefer. Also, you can order replacement coils from KandyPens when yours gets gooey and you just want to replace them.

Other Notable Features on the PRISM dab pen:

  • Compatible with waxoil, and shatter
  • Coil Selection: Quartz-titanium (on-demand heat, big clouds) and Ceramic coil (rich flavor, cooler vapor)
  • Glass mouthpiece with splashguard – no scalding-hot sputters
  • 4 temperature levels: yellow = 320°F, green = 350°F, red = 390°F, and blue = 430°F
  • Sells for $97.99 straight from KandyPens (coupon code TVG25 for 25% off)

Vape pens don’t require a ton of features to give you a good time so these are right on point.

Design of the KandyPens PRISM

The KandyPens PRISM stands 10.5 cm tall so it’s pretty compact and lightweight as well, though you’ll have to be careful about the glass mouthpiece. It’s cool that KP throws in an extra–if you’re vaping THC concentrates you’ll probably drop it at least once.  The PRISM’s smooth, stainless steel finish feels solid, sturdy, and comfortable in your hand.

The USB port is on the bottom of the vape pen so it’s easy to hold if you want to vape while taking advantage of the pass-through charging feature (i.e., you forgot to charge it overnight). The KandyPens PRISM uses a one button interface and has LED lights just below the mouthpiece that indicate the temperature setting. The PRISM’s design is simple, but still manages to get you all the info you need.

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Using the PRISM wax pen is simple:

1. Choose the coil you’d like to use and wind it onto the battery.
2. Dab a rice-sized amount of wax (0.1 to 0.2 grams) in the center of the given atomizer. Aim well!
3. Return the mouthpiece onto the wax pen’s atomizer component.
4. Power on by clicking the power button five times fast.
5. Press the power button three times to toggle temp settings; Light color indicates temp level.

You’re good to go, just hold down the power button and inhale.

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Performance and Vapor Quality of the KandyPens PRISM

The PRISM is a high performer, and great with both coils. If you want rapid heating and big vapor clouds then the quartz is your go-to. On-demand heating is good for users who want to get their session started now (!), but I found the vapor to be a little too intense.

I prefer the gentle, smooth experience of the ceramic coil. It produces rich, flavorful vapor that I’ve been loving since I got this wax pen. I didn’t need long draws to get a good amount of vapor. The ceramic atomizer takes longer to heat but it is easier on the throat / lungs. Prime the wick by holding the fire button a couple seconds and then taking a draw.

This pen has no draw resistance so using it is as easy as breathing in. The glass mouthpiece keeps the temp of the vapor cool and the flavor rich. The quartz coil is good for experienced vapers, while the ceramic coil is perfect for new vapers and perhaps even medicinal users.

Buy KandyPens PRISM Australia Buy KandyPens PRISM Melbourne Buy KandyPens PRISM Sydney Buy KandyPens PRISM Queensland Buy KandyPens PRISM Victoria.


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