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Buy Strawberry Shortcake Jungle Boyz Online

Buy Strawberry Shortcake Jungle Boys Online Buy Strawberry Shortcake Online Australia Bred by Cannarado and pheno hunted by the jungle boyz weed, this multi-state project has produced a top-shelf that’s turning heads everywhere. The first in the Jungle Boyz’s Exotikz lineup, Strawberry cake crosses White Wookie with The White, offering a strong and hearty strawberry flavor. This strain will put you down for the count in euphoric bliss, making any old couch feel like a slice of heaven.

JUNGLE BOYS STRAINS Mimosa. Genetics: Clementine x Purple Punch. Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool. Pie Hoe. Genetics: Grape Pie x Tahoe OG. Strawberry Shortcake. Genetics: White x Wookies. Purple Punch. Genetics: Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple. Sundae Driver. Genetics: Grape Pie x Fruity Pebbles, Sunday drivers.

Genetics: White x Wookies
Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Alpha-Humulene strawberry shortcake
Flavor: Sweet mango, stone fruit with notes of hops, pepper, clove,
Effects: Treats inflammation, chronic pain, digestive disorders, Buy Pills Online in Australia 

Strain Details. Strawberry Shortcake is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing White Wookie with The White. This strain provides euphoric effects that put your mind into a state of bliss. Strawberry Shortcake features a strong and hearty strawberry flavor that will have you craving more. Buy wifi Minz Online 

Buy Jungle Boys Online Australia 

Strawberry Shortcake is a rare strain nationwide but has a strong Colorado connection: It was born as a result of collaborative breeding between Cannarado and the Los Angeles-based Jungle Boys. The two renowned growers crossed the White, a popular strain for THC potency but not necessarily flavor, with White Wookie, a lesser-known mix of White 91 (the White and Chemdog 91) and Girl Scout Cookies. If someone had told me that Cookies and Chemdog influences were given such a blank canvas, I’d have expected a gassier version of Girl Scout Cookies. Instead, Strawberry Shortcake flicks my nose with a fruity blast up front, surprising my nostrils before thick notes of sourdough and gas fumes kick in the door. (I unwittingly opened my jar of weed over my heating vent, which I will recommend that everyone with floor heating do from now on.) Buy edibles Online Australia 

Buy Strawberry Shortcake Jungle Boys Online Buy Strawberry Shortcake Online Australia