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Can you use cannabis to treat mental health disorders?

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, it’s hard to think that anything could rain on your parade, but life is funny that way, and for some people suffering from mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, even the brightest day can seem covered in storm clouds.

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It may seem that using something that has for so long been considered an illicit drug to treat a mental health disorder (something else that’s been misunderstood and stigmatized for generations) is counterproductive, but cannabis can actually be extremely beneficial for patients with certain conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and others.

How does cannabis treat anxiety?

One of the most popular characteristics of cannabis is that, when consumed (either via smoke or snack), the effects can be uniquely relaxing, even powerfully sedating, and mood-boosting – all of which can help soothe a too-busy, distracted mind and relax a body that feels like it can’t sit still.

Marijuana’s efficacy in clinical applications like these is thanks in part to the chemical compounds called cannabinoids – most notably THC and CBD – which attach to receptors throughout the brain and body to influence normal functions like sleep, mood, hunger, memory, and even happiness.

Are weed seeds legal in Brisbane?

Medical cannabis was recently legalized across Australia (although some state’s continue to explore their options). While patients are allowed access to medical strains of pot to use as part of their treatment, the ability to cultivate cannabis at home for personal use, whether medical or recreational, has yet to be granted. But, because weed seeds are considered collector’s items when they aren’t germinated, avid collectors and proponents can still purchase their favorite varieties online for delivery.

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