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Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite

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Quick Overview

This chocolate chip cookie bite is a tasty way to medicate that will soon be one of your favorites.  High levels of THC make this a great pain relief edible.

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Product Description

Buy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite Online

this  gives you a classic chocolate chip flavor in a delicious bite-size brownie. Who knew vegan cookies could taste so good? This product is for more experienced edibles consumers if consumed all at once. Otherwise, cut into fifths to modulate your dose.

Key Benefits

Vegan | Low Glycemic

Crafted by Auntie Dolores, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite is a low-calorie infused edible treat. As the name suggests, it combines the wonders of cannabis and chocolate chip cookies into a slightly different package.

 Prepare Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite

Cannabis oil, organic flour (unbleached, unenriched), organic coconut sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic coconut oil, water, corn starch, kosher salt, baking soda, pure vanilla extract


Buy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite Online

This fresh and wonderful cookie/brownie creation has 51 mg of THC. Wonderful and soft cookie taste with a nice marijuana high added to it. Each cookie is also only 80 calories.


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Furthermore, Auntie Dolores produces a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite, which is a slight tweak of their recipe that uses chocolate chip cookie batter (not a brownie) to form the base. However, each recipe contains eggs, milk, and wheat, so those with allergy issues should be aware of this prior to consumption.



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