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The Cibaderm Hemp Calm salve is distributed in 1.3 0unce jars, which currently carry a retail price of $39.99. According to HempMeds PX, the salve is “never greasy,” which is a sentiment I would have to agree with. To better explain, the consistency is similar to that of most lip balm varieties.

Its aroma was reminiscent of aloe and other botanical ointments of the sort. In fact, the salve’s ability to act as a moisturizer was on par with those substances as well. I noticed that my skin felt considerably softer after just a few days of application.

More importantly, however, is the pain relief that the Cibaderm Hemp Calm salve seems to provide. We instructed a friend to apply a small amount on the joints of their fingers, where they were experiencing arthritic pain. According to them, there was notable relief — almost instantaneously.

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