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World of Seeds presents one of its new AutoFem strains, a mix of two of the best motherplants of WOS’ genepool, Northern Lights and Big Bud marihuana, which they then crossed with a Ruderalis line. Large in size, it yields up to 70g/plant in 60 days.

To get the individual with the best features, they have crossed the first hybrid with a Ruderalis genetics, and then performed 4 more generations, selecting the best plants of every offspring.

Its structure is columnar, with some secondary branches, but not excessively, and quite symmetrical. It also presents a great resistance to fungus and pests.

It can be harvested after 50-60 days, time that it uses to produce up to 70g/plant with big, dense buds, which can acquire purple  tones at the end of flowering, if the temperature drops.

Plants are stable and homogeneous, being able to grow them either indoors – using rowing tents – or outdoors, reaching  maximum heights of 1.70m.

Resin production is awesome, covering everything with sparkling crystals, emanating a smell that mixes sweet citrus notes with  pineapple and tangerine reminiscences.

Its effect has a high medicinal potential compared with the existing AutoFem, being very relaxing and intense.

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